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Motherland is a story of roots, refuge and relentlessness.

Just as most projects begin under the illusion of ease, Matt and Laura Duquette purchased 17 West Main Street as an art studio with room for residential tenants. With a history of enthusiasm for new projects, they rolled up their sleeves and assumed they would realize their vision through their usual blend of joy and hard work. But as most construction projects progress, they encountered unexpected burdens and months turned into years of lost sleep and lonely children. Still, they steeled their resolve to finish what they began.

Four years later, the building is a transformed space of mahogany rails and brass fixtures married with modern art. Motherland is open to the community who supported their family and helped to make the renovations a reality. It has become a place of creative and internal growth through exploration of self and experiences. A place for artists, thinkers, adventurers and the curious.